Internet Medical Evaluations (IME)

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Pain Validity Test and Diagnostic Paradigm with Treatment Algorithm
An Internet-based Case Management and Resource Allocation System


Which Workers Compensation Claimants are Exaggerating Their Claim or Telling the Truth?
Find out, by using a $300 Internet test, that has 85 % accuracy for detecting fakers and malingerers. Realize an average cost savings of $1,500 per case, by pinpointing who needs surveillance, Functional Capacity Evaluations, and Independent Medical Evaluations in 87%-94% of the cases, for the claimants with a valid pain complaint. Available in English and Spanish.  Results sent over the Internet in minutes.
Developed by former staff members of Johns Hopkins Hospital. *Published results
Make your job easier, save money, and get better results.
Do you want savings of $90,000+ for your catastrophic  Workers Compensation claims ?
Claimants are misdiagnosed 40%-71% of the time.* Get savings by using a $800 Internet test, that gives an accurate diagnosis, and plans for proper treatment. Cost savings of $90,000 to $2,500,000/case for catastrophic cases, such as RSD. Available in English and Spanish. Bring closure to a case. Triple your return to work rates in catastrophic cases, reduce use of medication, and doctors visits.* 96% correlation with Johns Hopkins Hospital doctor’s diagnoses.*
Results Emailed to you In Minutes; Available in English and Spanish.
Do you want the truth? Take an IME Test.